Tallinn Mass
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In 2009, the Tallinn Philharmonic asked me if I’d write them a “Tallinn Mass” to celebrate their ascension to European Capital of Culture, in 2011. They wanted to juxtapose the conventional mass movements, in Latin, with ten new poems by their two leading poets, Doris Kareva and Jürgen Rooste – in Estonian. So poor was my knowledge of the country, I remember thinking that, as it was not so far from my semi-native Poland, the language must have some similarities. By the time I started to compose, ten poems had turned into nineteen and the possibly-familiar language had turned out to be from the beautiful but seemingly impenetrable Finno-Ugric family…



Roxanna Panufnik

Roxanna Panufnikstudied composition at the Royal Academy of Music and, since then, has written a wide range of pieces – opera, ballet, music theatre, choral works, chamber compositions, and music for film and television – which have been performed all over the world.


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Act I KYRIE 1-3 Preacher – Jaak Johanson, Life – Patricia Rozario, Choir