Tallinn Mass
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My deep-felt thanks go to the following sponsors who very kindly made this recording possible: City of Tallinn, Port of Tallinn (AS Tallinna Sadam), RSA Estonia, Cultural Endowment of Estonia (Eesti Kultuurkapitali), British Council, Meriton Old Town Hotel and Ministry of Culture (Estonia).

Thank you to Stefan Bown and all at Warner Classics & Jazz for taking this recording on.

And I am incredibly grateful to the Tallinn 2011 Foundation for supporting the commission and its premiere; our first translator, Tiina Aleman; Jessica Duchen who adapted the translation to fit beautifully with the music I had originally written for the Estonian words; Doris Kareva and Jürgen Rooste for their brilliantly evocative and sensitive creations and for their patient explanations; Jaan Tammsalu for his translations from Latin to Estonian of key phrases in the mass; soprano Kai Rüütel for spending nearly 5 hours checking my Estonian prosody; Herbert Tampere (posthumously), Erna Tampere and Ottilie Kõiva for their wonderful Anthology of Estonian Traditional Music; Dr Margus Laidre & Reet Remmel (Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs & Ministry for Culture, respectively) for their continuing support and encouragement; TCO Director Marko Lõhmus, Jüri Leiten, Eero Raun, Juhan Palm-Peipman and, most of all, our Executive Producer Heili Vaus-Tamm and ETVGC Director Aarne Saluveer whose dream this whole adventure was – thank you, Heili and Aarne, for choosing me.


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